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Native Chilean Trees- Milenaria Araucaria

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The Anillos BioGeoArt project has collaborated in the post-production of the album “Arboles Nativos Chilenos” by the singer Milena Muñoz , also known as Millennial Araucaria , which seeks to sensitize us about the characteristics and uses of some endemic flora species present in Chile, and their importance for life.

Although the protagonists of the songs are Canelo, Araucaria, Liter, Boldo, Maqui, Luma, Maitén, Coigüe, Espino, Quillay, the Oak, the Larch, and the Ulmo, the songs not only describe or represent visible aspects of these trees, but also seek to highlight their participation in the well-being of the earth as well as their importance in relation between humanity and nature, since they highlight both its use and the & nbsp; species and elements with which they share the environment.

Milena Araucaria

In the words of Milenaria Araucaria, it is about understanding that, in order to live well, “We cannot separate ourselves from them, they are an essential part of our nature and allow us to protect the environment and thus ourselves. It is life that we have to rescue and take care of in order to combat climate change, for example ”.

The album is also the result of Milena’s long and close reflection on the changes in the landscape, where monocultures of pine and eucalyptus trees have replaced the native flora, and her personal awareness of vegetation and their understanding of the importance of natural cycles for flora. And the songs of “Arboles Nativos Chilenos” are proposed as a continuation and as a way to become part of that reflection, making music and melodies a tool for learning; They are, as she tells us “a fun and different method to learn from them” .

The album can be listened to, from September 1, on the spotify playlist of Milenaria Araucaria, following this link