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International Seminar “Geohumanities, Art and Biopolitics of the Anthropocene”

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In the context of the ANID PIA SOC180040 project «GeoHumanities and (Bio) Creative Geographies addressing sustainability and co-conservation through“ Rhizomatic Immersion ”, the BioGeoArt research team invites the community to participate in this international seminar to be held on Friday 22 from 09:00 hours.

During the event, a series of presentations and interdisciplinary conversations will be presented, in an exchange of knowledge that promotes a new consciousness to inhabit the Anthropocene era.

The seminar is organized in thematic blocks, where the exhibitors, both from the field of science and the arts, will exhibit content in short videos to open a dialogue on various topics relevant to our time. It will feature presentations by leading researchers such as Dr. Harriet Hawkins, Sasha Engelmann, Keith Robinson, and Eric Magrane.

Information and registration in the following link.