Valparaíso, Chile

Author: Biogeoart

The validity of the values that founded Mutualism

Through the Fondecyt Mutualismo project in Chile, 1925-1990, it seeks to elucidate the causes of the persistence and validity of mutual aid societies in Chile, after overcoming the Great Depression of the first half of the 1930s. That experience It serves to look, in a certain way, at current society. In times of social and…
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Patagonian Territorialities: Inhabiting or experiencing the rural

Lecture Series: Territory, Mobility and Deterritorialization in Patagonia Continuing with the cycle of talks, this time the activity has the participation of Alberto Vásquez, who will give the talk “Inhabiting or experiencing rural areas” Alberto Vázquez is a Doctor in Geography from the Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS). He is a researcher at the Patagonia…
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“The role of geography …”

Talking about the current challenges of the discipline Inauguration of the PUCV Geography Academic Year Wednesday, April 7, 2021, 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.Via zoom and Youtube Alternative Territories

Cycle of charts: Territory, Mobility and Deterritorialization in Patagonia

Starting next Thursday, March 25 at 6:00 p.m., the Laboratory of Territorios alternativos will begin the first of a series of talks on “Territory, Mobility and De-territorialization in Patagonia.” The guest to the initial session is Dr. Joaquín Bascope Julio, academic, researcher and author of various books and articles that address the territory of Magallanes.…
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Citizen vision of the Limache regulatory plan, February 20 and 27

Self-organized activity, held on February 20, in the Pergola of Parque Brasil; and February 27, at the Plaza de las 40 Horas, Limache – from 10:30 am. You can review the photographic record by clicking the “more information” button.

PUCV academics and Biogeoart researchers participate in the International Geographical Union book, edited by Springer

“Global geographic heritage, geoparks and geotourism: geoconservation and development” is the title of the book of the International Geographical Union IGU, edited by the prestigious Springer publishing house, in which the academics of the PUCV Institute of Geography Andoni Arenas, Rodrigo Figueroa, Jorge Negrete, participated. Pablo Mansilla and Andrés Moreira-Muñoz, along with other professionals. The…
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Outdoors: childhood, spatiality and nature in times of pandemic. Column of Susana Cortés

Susana Cortés Morales, a specialist in childhood studies from anthropology, shares her column written for El Mostrador.

XIV Tsonami Sound Art Festival 2020

At its XIVth meeting, for reasons of public knowledge, the festival took place through a broadcast channel that is Radio Tsonami. Between December 11 and 21, the XIV edition of the Tsonami Festival of Sound Art will be held, funded by the National Fondart 2020 call of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, through…
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Leticia Arancibia, Biogeoart researcher in conversation with the CUVIC Project. Feminism and the Constituent Process

On this occasion Leticia Arancibia, Doctor in Sociology and Political Sciences, part of the PUCV Academic Network and also a Biogeoart researcher, was talking with the CUVIC Project, the University Collective of Citizen Link and Communication of the School of Journalism of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, about Feminism and the Constituent Process. The…
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International Seminar “Geohumanities, Art and Biopolitics of the Anthropocene”

In the context of the ANID PIA SOC180040 project «GeoHumanities and (Bio) Creative Geographies addressing sustainability and co-conservation through“ Rhizomatic Immersion ”, the BioGeoArt research team invites the community to participate in this international seminar to be held on Friday 22 from 09:00 hours. During the event, a series of presentations and interdisciplinary conversations will…
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