Valparaíso, Chile


Native Chilean Trees- Milenaria Araucaria

The Anillos BioGeoArt project has collaborated in the post-production of the album “Arboles Nativos Chilenos” by the singer Milena Muñoz , also known as Millennial Araucaria , which seeks to sensitize us about the characteristics and uses of some endemic flora species present in Chile, and their importance for life. Although the protagonists of the…
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Design student Mabel Nuñez does her thesis on Cartographic Representation and the relationship with People, Biosphere and Map Visualization

What is Cartography? According to the Royal Spanish Academy, Cartography is the art of drawing geographical maps ; the science that studies maps. We could say that it is an “art and technique that, with the help of geographical sciences and their related ones, have as their objective the survey, reproduction and publication of a…
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Interview Luis Humberto Carvajal

Interview with a fighter for water, Mr. Luis Humberto Carvajal. June 2021 Video made by: Mauricio García Músic: Grupo Arica Manta

Pre-sale Book: Climate and Capital

Climate and Capital: Life under the Anthropocene By the author Dipesh Chakrabarty Erite to / price: $ 10,000, shipping payable

Xerophilous Thicket Illustration

By Alonso Loncho Salazar, nature illustrator, you can find him on Instagram as @alonsolonchosalazar and write to You can review the material here

The validity of the values that founded Mutualism

Through the Fondecyt Mutualismo project in Chile, 1925-1990, it seeks to elucidate the causes of the persistence and validity of mutual aid societies in Chile, after overcoming the Great Depression of the first half of the 1930s. That experience It serves to look, in a certain way, at current society. In times of social and…
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Patagonian Territorialities: Inhabiting or experiencing the rural

Lecture Series: Territory, Mobility and Deterritorialization in Patagonia Continuing with the cycle of talks, this time the activity has the participation of Alberto Vásquez, who will give the talk “Inhabiting or experiencing rural areas” Alberto Vázquez is a Doctor in Geography from the Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS). He is a researcher at the Patagonia…
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“The role of geography …”

Talking about the current challenges of the discipline Inauguration of the PUCV Geography Academic Year Wednesday, April 7, 2021, 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.Via zoom and Youtube Alternative Territories

Cycle of charts: Territory, Mobility and Deterritorialization in Patagonia

Starting next Thursday, March 25 at 6:00 p.m., the Laboratory of Territorios alternativos will begin the first of a series of talks on “Territory, Mobility and De-territorialization in Patagonia.” The guest to the initial session is Dr. Joaquín Bascope Julio, academic, researcher and author of various books and articles that address the territory of Magallanes.…
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Citizen vision of the Limache regulatory plan, February 20 and 27

Self-organized activity, held on February 20, in the Pergola of Parque Brasil; and February 27, at the Plaza de las 40 Horas, Limache – from 10:30 am. You can review the photographic record by clicking the “more information” button.