Valparaíso, Chile

About the project

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BioGeoArt: GeoHumanidades and (Bio) Creative Geographies addressing sustainability and co-conservation through "Rhizomatic Immersion"

BioGeoArt is a Rings project that seeks to explore in depth the relationship between human beings and nature in Chile, and propose co-conservation actions. The methodology has been called «Rhizomatic Immersion», and it focuses on:

  1. Apply affective governance in the design of co-conservation strategies based on innovative methodologies to support the development of ecological literacy;
  2. Explore non-human languages ​​through the analysis of territorial expressiveness, sensitive landscapes and trajectories, soundscapes and performative acts (building ecological literacy to create a new cognitive atmosphere);
  3. Explore (through discourse analysis), the current dominant discourses on the relationship, nature-person to propose new discourses that support cultural change;
  4. Question traditional governance schemes and reflect on the scalability and replicability of this methodology within the framework of biopolitics, cosmopolitics and GeoHumanities.